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My tax situation is simple. Do I need a tax agent? 

Complexity is the biggest problem of the Australian Taxation System.

Tax law is constantly evolving which requires the adequate level of skills and knowledge.  

Even your tax situation is simple, you could possibly miss out on important changes which could have an impact on your tax return, and result in a penalty of incomplete or incorrect disclosure to the ATO. 

What are the benefits of engaging a registered tax agent?
  • Unless you are on top of all accounting and tax affairs, tax laws are complicated.

  • Accounting fee is generally tax-deductible, which means you can use it to reduce your taxable income.

  • Late lodgement will incur penalty, but you can enjoy an extended lodgement deadline if you engage a registered  tax agent.

  • ATO has a stringent registration and monitoring system for registered tax agents. To become one, a person must have studied Australian Tax and Commercial Laws, have relevant industry experience, and meet continuing education requirements. Only registered tax agents are allowed to charge a fee for preparing a tax return on behalf of a client.

  • You are responsible for the information contained in your tax returns and your overall tax affairs, not your tax agent. However, if you do develop problems with the Tax Office, it will probably be comforting to have professionals acting on your behalf, given that tax agents are far more experienced dealing with the ATO. 

Why would I choose Maxsa?


  • Maxsa is a registered tax agent, a registered ASIC agent and a registered SMSF auditor. 

  • Maxsa provides complete business solution from accounting, tax planning, auditing, business advisory to corporate management irrespective of the size of your business. We are large enough to be strong and diversified and small enough to be efficient and responsive. We aim to reply you within 1 business day. 

  • Our employees are fully qualified (either ICAA or CPAA) and possess many years of solid experience working for high-net-worth clients and their family groups. Our employees also speak fluent foreign languages such as Mandarin and Cantonese to ensure we fully understand your requirements.

  • Maxsa offers flexible meeting schedule include non-business working hours if required. That means, we are happy to meet you anytime after your work or on the weekends. We also provide on-site visit depends on our schedule.


How do you charge? 


Providing quality advice at an affordable price is what we assured. 

We are transparent on our prices, and there is no hidden cost. 

We could charge on per hour basis or per job basis. We listen to your needs and concerns. 

We will provide you an exact quote on each job.

Please talk to us to find out more. 


Do you provide J.P. (Justice of the Peace) Services? 


Yes, we provide free Justice of the Peace services even though you are not a customer of us. 

I'm after a service which is not on your service list. 

Talk to us to find out more about what we can offer you.

You'll be surprised on the range of services we could provide. 

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